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3 Tips for Selecting Your Facilities Management Partner

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If your organization has decided it’s time to select a facilities management partner, you must develop a strategy. Understanding pricing and contract terms when outsourcing maintenance services are essential. However, there is much more to take into consideration.

#1 Their Reputation

Create your short-list by gathering referrals and browsing online reviews. Then, leverage deep data to narrow down your options.

A reputable firm will be eager and able to provide in-depth insights regarding the multiple ways in which they add value.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Overall client performance metrics
  • Like-industry performance metrics
  • Short and long-term cost-saving averages
  • Time savings and overall cost savings
  • The quality of their products and supplies
  • Ability to deliver on your green initiatives

#2 Inquire About Their Use of Technology

Advances in FM technology may be one of the reasons you are considering outsourcing. An ideal partner will implement or upgrade your internal IoT. This will reduce risks and deliver on a variety of efficiencies—including energy efficiency, time savings, cost savings, and a reduction in unexpected maintenance and repairs.

This includes the cost savings of having to invest in your own technology upgrades.

#3 Asses Their Full Range of Services

While your current needs may be limited, be proactive by considering your long-term objectives.

According to McKinsey research, the flow of outsourcing maintenance services evolves as follows:

  1. 100% in-house facilities management.
  2. Contracting as-needed non-core tasks.
  3. Pooling volumes across real estate portfolios.
  4. Alignment of service levels across sites.
  5. Contracting a bundle of core services.
  6. Full-service IFM/TFM outsourcing.

So, identify a partner you can scale with as your outsourcing needs arise.

For example, a company may be top-rated for its cleaning and janitorial services. However, you can also identify top-rated cleaning and janitorial providers who offer total building maintenance, construction, and portfolio management as your needs evolve.

We Invite You to Consider Blue Corp Building Management

BCBM is a reliable facilities partner serving Oklahoma and Texas. Our mission is to provide our clients with an efficient and versatile range of facility services without compromising quality or consistency. We provide a full range of scalable and outsourced services, including Janitorial, Total Building Maintenance, Construction, Portfolio Management, and more.

Reach out today to discuss your facility’s needs!

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