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5 Signs it’s Time to Consider Integrated Facility Management

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Concerns surrounding cost, control, and consistency may have you hesitant to contract an integrated facility management company. While legitimate concerns, with the right partner—each of these areas can be optimized. Full-service isn’t your only option, as IFM can work in addition to your existing team.

What is Integrated Facilities Management?

There are a variety of contracted services to choose from, so let’s define what IFM is. Where it differs from standard cleaning and janitorial services, is that your partner can do it all.

  • Janitorial
  • Managing cleaning supplies
  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Construction
  • And more

In addition to their full-service skill set, they take a strategic and streamlined approach to reducing risk, cost savings, and delivering on organizational objectives. This includes leveraging data for actionable insights and lifecycle planning.

#1 Your Maintenance Costs are Rising

As your tenancy or business grows, so will your maintenance costs. This creates the need for training and hiring new staff, increased supply spending, and increased labor dollars. The average maintenance budget is typically between 10 and 15 percent. If you have surpassed this percentage, your costs are rapidly rising, or you can’t clearly identify why your costs are rising—it may be time to outsource some or all of your projects and tasks.

The average cost savings of full-service outsourcing results in a 15% reduction in facility costs.

#2 Reactive Maintenance Is on the Rise

There is no way to eliminate unexpected repair needs, but the volume should be easy to manage. If it’s unclear why your emergency maintenance requests are rising, or you can’t keep up—an integrated facility management company can help.

Your partner will create a comprehensive assessment and a custom-tailored management plan.

#3 You Don’t Have a Technology Budget

If you have identified that your current building management challenges could be minimized with technology upgrades, but you don’t have the budget for technology upgrades—it’s time to identify a trusted partner.

Ensure your partner has the software, sensors, gadgets, and technology required to implement preventative management. This will optimize your current budget, reduce lifecycle costs, and often has a variety of energy-efficient benefits.

#4 Tenant Satisfaction is Declining

If you are losing tenants due to maintenance and repair delays or tenants are complaining, it’s time to get some help.

What this looks like is entirely up to you, including:

  • Lightning your current team members’ load with part-time services.
  • Consolidating or bundling tasks and services to reduce risk and internal task burdens.
  • Additional staff and services during your busy season or when you are short-staffed.
  • Contracting an IFM for tasks and projects your team lacks the time or skills for.

#5 Your Facility Needs are Fluctuating

Even with preventative planning and proactive scheduling, there are inevitable incontrollable, including:

  • Increased occupancy
  • Busy season bottlenecks
  • Unseasonable weather
  • Special event preparation
  • Remodeling & on-site expansions
Looking for an Integrated Facility Management Company in Oklahoma or Texas?

If you own or operate a commercial facility, corporate office, school, warehouse, or manufacturing plant we invite you to reach out to BCBM today to discuss your areas of opportunity.

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