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    General Building Maintenance For The Public Sector

    BCBM provides secure, reliable building maintenance services for government agencies and offices in the Dallas, TX, and Oklahoma City, OK, regions. We work within your legislative and regulatory parameters to customize the services you need and have the infrastructure, training, and certifications to ensure peace of mind and exceed performance expectations.

    All work is performed safely and securely. Per municipal, state, and federal guidelines, all personnel are highly trained, bonded, and covered by comprehensive liability insurance to ensure the security of your people and property.

    We are experienced with working under stringent regulatory conditions and understand your need for performance and transparency. We will work closely with you to develop a customized maintenance plan focusing on compliance, risk mitigation, and cost reduction while achieving your maintenance goals.


    The BCBM Difference

    Our Government Building Services include all repairs and upgrades.

    Committed to Health
    and Safety

    Skilled and trained individuals conduct all maintenance activities and services in accordance with federal health and safety regulations.


    We work closely with your agency to align our services to meet your maintenance and scheduling needs and can adapt as needed.


    BCBM ensures highly competent, efficient operation and completion of tasks within the scope of our service level agreement.

    BCBM facilities management ensures government buildings in Dallas and Oklahoma City are safe, secure, and compliant with all public health and safety protocols. Proper maintenance and upkeep help to prevent safety hazards, reduce costs, and increase the lifespan of buildings, ultimately providing a more efficient environment for employees and the public. Well-maintained government buildings instill trust and help agencies uphold the standards of our government and fulfill their duty to the public.

    Goverment Building Maintenance

    Trusted Government Building Maintenance Services in Dallas, TX, and Oklahoma City, OK

    Government buildings play a crucial role in society as they house many essential functions for the public. From courthouses to public libraries, these buildings must be maintained to the highest standard to ensure public safety and trust.

    Mandated Maintenance

    BCBM acknowledges the need for standards in routine Level 1 maintenance activities as mandated by applicable bylaws, regulations, and government policies. We understand these requirements include regular inspections of equipment and premises to ensure the health and safety of government personnel, contractors, and the public.

    maintenance management

    Lifecycle Maintenance

    BCBM performs all necessary Level 2 lifecycle maintenance activities to extend the useful life of any machinery, equipment, or structural features and systems while fulfilling all maintenance and service requirements.

    Trust BCBM for All Your Government Building Maintenance Work

    Enhanced Maintenance

    BCBM offers enhanced Level 3 maintenance services in accordance with facility needs for buildings that house special operations with national security, environmental, or economic infrastructure concerns. In these cases, special attention is provided for structures and equipment that protect the building’s operating systems and reduce the risk of operational failure.

    Environmental Compliance

    Environmental Compliance

    All maintenance activities fully comply with federal and local environmental regulations on infection control, waste management, and general health and safety. We aim to provide exemplary services that show a strong commitment to values, concern, and accountability to climate and waste-reduction initiatives.

    Our Commitment

    Our highly-trained team is committed to providing an elevated standard of service in every task, ensuring that every detail of your building and property is well-maintained, presentable, and in good repair. Your offices are the face of government in the community, and we will bend over backward to help you put your best foot forward. Special requests and service customizations are welcome; they’re all part of our commitment to you.

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    Government Building Maintenance Services
    in Dallas, TX, and Oklahoma City, OK

    Our staff is fully vetted, bonded, and committed to providing exemplary service with an unrelenting attention to detail.

    Parking Lot

    Loading Dock


    Mold Inspection
    and Remediation

    HVAC Maintenance
    and Inspection


    Indoor Air Quality

    Roof System Inspection
    and Maintenance

    Drains and

    Interior Window

    Exterior Window

    Exterior Building


    Paint and Minor




    Full Janitorial

    Office Cleaning
    and Disinfection



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