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    The BCBM Difference

    Give us a call when your construction team is finished, and we will ensure your space is pristine.

    Rough Clean

    We remove brand stickers and haul and dispose of debris and leftover building materials. Then we use an industrial vacuum throughout.

    Light Clean

    This is a top to bottom wipedown of any smudges, marks, or fingerprints left behind during the construction process.

    Final Clean

    This stage is all about details. We clean the exterior and point out any finishing touches the construction crew needs to address.

    Services We Provide

    • Haul & Sustainably Dispose of Construction Materials
    • Top to Bottom Industrial Vacuuming & Dusting
    • Dust & Vacuum HVAC & Appliances
    • Dust Cabinets & Shelves Inside Out
    • Clean Masonry, Tiles, Brickwork, Trim, & Doors
    • Remove Stickers, Plastic Wrap, & Brand Labels
    • Remove Smudges, Marks, & Fingerprints
    • Exterior Pressure Washing & Cleanup
    • Interior & Exterior Window Washing
    • Sanitize & Polish to Perfection
    • Finishing Touches Checklist For Contractors
    • And More!

    Searching for Post Construction Cleaning Services in Oklahoma or Texas? Reach out today to learn more!